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Tardis Troubleshooting

During one's travels the Tardis can run into many problems. To ensure smooth journeys one must be knowledgeable on how to deal with different situations. 

Common Issues

Course Deviation

When a user fails to press the correct control during manual flight course correction events, the Tardis' landing coordinates will be deviated from its destination.

This can be corrected by pressing the correct control within a 5 second timeframe from the start of the warning message.

Tardis Crashes


event.artron.console.explosion.png event.atron.crash.explosion.png
Figure 1 - Console Explosion when Artron banks reach 0%. The Tardis crashes soon after. Figure 2 - A crater created by a Tardis crashing.

When a Tardis' Artron banks are at 0%, a sub-system reaches 0% durability or the Time Rotor Handbrake is pulled during flight, the Tardis will not be able to function properly and will "crash".

This deviates the Tardis from its current destination by 5 or more blocks and can cause explosions around the Tardis exterior. The Cloister Bells will ring as a notification to the user.

Possible Solutions

  • Repairing destroyed sub-systems
  • Ensure enough fuel is in the Tardis Artron banks.
  • Not pulling Time Rotor Handbrake during flight

Retrieving a Tardis after H.A.D.S activates

event.protocol.hads-active-0.png event.protocol.hads-active-1.png
Figure 3 - The Tardis with H.A.D.S enabled before a hostile mob fires a projectile at it. Figure 4 - The Tardis with H.A.D.S enabled after a hostile mob fires a projectile at it.

If a Tardis' H.A.D.S protocol is activated, it will cause the Tardis to fly away from the Tardis owner when it detects projectiles hitting the Tardis exterior or if hostile entities come into contact with the exterior. 

The Tardis' flight behaviour can act as follows:

  • If Stabilizer circuits are installed and have a durability of more 1% or more, they will automatically engage when H.A.D.S is activated. The Tardis will materialise a certain distance away from the danger source. 
  • If Stabilizers circuits are not installed or have a durability of 0%, the Tardis will enter Manual Flight mode. As there is no player to control the Tardis when course-deviation events occur, the Tardis has a chance of materialising at a random set of coordinates or crash.

If the user does not understand their Tardis' systems and current settings, they will likely lose it. There are several possible solutions to retrieve it, but ultimately it is up to the users to take care of their Tardis.

Possible Solutions

Summoning via Stattenheim Remote



  1. The user can retrieve their Tardis by first crafting and syncing a Tardis remote. As a newly crafted remote is not synced to the user's Tardis, the player must combine it with a synced Tardis key in a crafting grid. The user's original Tardis key will remain after crafting.
  2. Right click with the remote on a block. The Tardis will begin travelling to a safe location near those coordinates (e.g. If the summon location is inside a block, the Tardis will land somewhere with enough space for the player to enter)


  • If the Tardis' artron energy levels are below 5% prior to HADS activation or an  essential flight-related sub-system was at 1% durability, the Tardis cannot be retrieved this way as it will crash during flight, deviating it further away from the player.
Using commands



  1. Use the command /tardis interior to teleport to your Tardis console room. From there you can fly the Tardis as usual.