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Space is a dimension beyond the Overworld's atmosphere.

Travel Itinerary

The player can travel to this dimension via their Tardis. To do this, toggle the Dimensional Control, select “Space” and pull the Time Rotor Handbrake to start the flight.


  • Day/Night Cycle: No
  • Gravity: None
  • Dimension ID: 22


The Space dimension has no unique biomes.

Geological Features

The Space dimension is made up of air blocks. No solid blocks are present.

Additionally, there is no natural light source present. The player will be unable to place any light source blocks due to the lack of solid blocks.


No mobs spawn in the Space dimension.


  • Despite the lack of solid blocks in the dimension, the player is able to change their X and Z axis. However, the player cannot change their Y coordinate position.
  • Due to the lack of solid blocks present in the dimension, the Tardis exterior will fall into the void upon fully materialising in the dimension. It will continue to fall until it reaches Y position -65, whereby it stops falling and remains at that position.
    • The player can enter their Tardis using the command /tardis interior