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Tardis Maintanence

Sub-System Components

Tardis sub-system components require maintanence by the owner in order to maintain the Tardis' operational status.


This can be done using a Steady-State Microwelding station, a piece of Time Lord technology used to repair individual Tardis components. Players are required to gather certain materials for each circuit in order to repair them with the microwelding station.




An alternative method of Tardis component repair involve using the Tardis Toolkit.

This item restores all components by 15% by using the toolbox on the Tardis console. As of 0.0.8, the Tardis toolkit has no crafting recipe and is therefore more useful for players with cheats enabled (singleplayer) or server operators (multiplayer).

The new command /tardis restoresys is also a method to repair a specified sub system. However this requires the player to receive the correct permission(in multiplayer) or enabled cheats (for single player).


After each journey, the Tardis uses Artron Energy. Therefore to maintain good flight status, Tardis operators are recommended to refuel the Tardis after each journey. This is achieved by using the Refueller button.

Note: In a Rift Chunk, refuelling will occur significantly faster than non-rift chunks.