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Gallifrey is a planet orbiting a binary star system, known as the homeworld of the beings known as the “Time Lords” and praised for its striking landscape.


Travel Itinerary

The player can travel to this planet via their Tardis. To do this, toggle the Dimensional Control, select “Gallifrey” and pull the Time Rotor Handbrake to start the flight.


  • Day/Night Cycle: Yes
  • Gravity: Equivalent to Overworld's acceleration due to gravity
  • Dimension ID: 24




  • Low hills
  • Plains of crimson stained grassland
  • Silver-leaved trees
  • Large lakes


Red Mountains


  • Snow capped mountains
  • Silver-leaved trees
  • Frozen lakes




  • Skulls of deceased beings
  • Ponds of water
  • Lava ponds
  • Small shrubs
  • Gallifreyan Sand
  • Red Sandstone

Geological Features



The surface of Gallifrey is mostly composed of stone, dirt, grass, snow, sand and sandstone as seen in its unique biomes. Large lakes can be occasionally observed in the Redland and Wasteland biomes, some of a putrid brown colour and others frozen over.

The grasslands of Gallifrey are the mostly striking features of the planet, with deep maroon-stained grass contrasted with trees whose leaves shine silver under the binary stars.

One rare sight are abandoned barns. It is rumoured that one of the barns was the location where the fate of a great Time War was decided.



Gallifrey has many underground cave networks. Each biome contains these caves and have the chance to generate:

  • Coal Ore
  • Cinnabar Ore
  • Diamond Ore
  • Iron Ore
  • Lapis Lazuli Ore
  • Redstone Ore


  • Pigs
  • Rabbits
  • Sheep
  • Skeletons (Night-time spawning only)

gallifrey-barn-v2.png gallifrey-lake-red.png
Figure 1 - An Abandoned Barn Figure 2  - A naturally generated large lake.
gallifrey-lake-ice.png gallifrey-night-time.png
Figure 3  - A naturally generated ice lake. Figure 4  - Gallifrey at night. One can see hundreds of stars in the distance.


  • For more information on its development and creation, please see the following video


  • Gallifrey’s known existence in the mod began in version 0.0.9B, where a bug with the skybox was present in the Overworld, giving the daytime skybox a distinct orange tint.
  • An alternative skybox was present in a development version of Gallifrey, where the sky is composed of a dog wearing a transparent raincoat. This is a joke feature that was not implemented in the final version of the planet.