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Getting Started

The basic things to know to use the TARDIS


Deprecated Features

Rifts are a unique type of chunk that can generate in any dimension. Properties Rifts greatly ...


Deprecated Features

Vehicles added in the 1.12.2 versions of the mod.

Datapack Content


Learn how to add custom content to the mod via Minecraft Datapacks!

Unlockable Content


Mod content gained via completing ingame tasks

Tardis Commands-1.12

Deprecated Features

To make life easier for users in creative or to help server administrators, the mod includes some...



The 1.12 Versions of the mod are now deprecated. To view its archived information, please click h...



Below are links to the team social media and repositories. Team YouTube :

Meet the team!


Spectre: Hey, I'm Spectre, I'm the main programmer and owner of the TARDIS Mod. I pretty much han...

Tardis Console Controls-1.12

Deprecated Features Tardis Creation, Operation and Maintanence

This page is a reference for the function, location and operation of the Tardis console controls....

Tardis Monitor-1.12

Deprecated Features Tardis Creation, Operation and Maintanence

Figure 1 - Hell Bent Tardis Monitor The Tardis Monitor is a block that display...

Tardis Console Controls - Archived Features

Deprecated Features Removed Features

Below are Tardis console control mechanics and functions that have been removed from the latest v...


Deprecated Features Removed Features

This feature has been removed from the 1.12 versions of the mod Symbiotic Nuclei is an item that...

Removed Features

Deprecated Features

Creating your Tardis

Deprecated Features Tardis Creation, Operation and Maintanence

Figure 1 - Tardis Coral As of 0.0.8A, players are required to grow their own T...

Tardis Maintanence

Deprecated Features Tardis Creation, Operation and Maintanence

Sub-System Components Tardis sub-system components require maintanence by the owner in order to ...

Steady State Microwelding Station

Deprecated Features Blocks-1.12

Figure 1 - Steady State Microwelding Station The Steady State Microwelding Sta...

Tardis Flight Operations-1.12

Deprecated Features Tardis Creation, Operation and Maintanence

Tardis Flight allows the Tardis to travel through different dimensions and cross large distances....

Tardis Toolkit

Deprecated Features Items-1.12

Figure 1 - Tardis Toolkit The Tardis Toolkit is an item that allows players to repair al...

Sonic Screwdriver

Deprecated Features Items-1.12

The Sonic Screwdriver is a tool that has a versatile range of functions. There are many variants...

Exotronic Circuit


Exotronic Circuit are an crafting item esential to create a variety of other items.         ...

Tardis Sub-Systems-1.12

Deprecated Features Tardis Creation, Operation and Maintanence

A Tardis Sub-system is a set of processes that control a function within the Tardis. A Sub-syste...

Artron Capacitor

Deprecated Features Items-1.12

An Artron Capacitor is an item used as a crafting component in Tardis sub-system components and...


Deprecated Features Items-1.12

Figure 1 - Biodampener The Biodampener is an item that prevents a player from being tele...

Tardis Operation and Maintenance


A set of articles detailing the obtaining of a Tardis and guides on how to operate and maintain i...


Deprecated Features

Clothing items added to the 1.12 versions of the mod


Wiki Utils

Tools and utilities for use in constructing wiki content

Archived Features

Outdated or removed features of the Tardis Mod.


Additional Mods


All about commands


Welcome to the Tardis Mod Wiki!

Deprecated Features

Features from the mod that have been removed or are no longer receiving updates


Information about the mod that don't fit the other categories


Information on various blocks added in the mod




Various guides for both new and existing mod users


Deprecated Features

Custom dimensions added to the 1.12.2 versions of the mod


Custom dimensions added by the mod


Information about generated structures added by the mod.


Wiki Utils

Sample page structures for use in creating wiki pages

Tardis Creation, Operation and Maintanence

Deprecated Features

Information about creating Tardises, their operation processes and maintanence requirements.

About the Tardis


An overview of the Tardis, from features to technical implementation

Style Guide

Wiki Utils

A set of guidelines used by the wiki in the writing of its articles



A list of changes made to the mod


Deprecated Features

Blocks added in the 1.12.2 versions of the mod


Deprecated Features

Items added to the 1.12 versions of the mod.


Deprecated Features

Mod Compatibilities


Compatible Mods The following mods have built-in integrations with the New Tardis Mod. K9 Mod...