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Dalek Ray Gun


The Dalek Ray Gun is a weapon crafted from components of Dalek weaponry. It fires laser projectiles that damage entities.


  • The gun fires a green ray that will not lose momentum through water.
  • However the laser will be blocked by any solid block, including transparent blocks such as 2 block tall sugarcane, tall grass or flowers.
  • Each ray will deal approximately 4 attack damage to an entity (2 hearts of damage).
  • The ray gun will not lose durability when fired.


  • The ray gun must be loaded with its ammunition - Trionic power cells.
  • Each power cell is equivalent to five shots.
  • A tooltip will initially display "No Ammo!" when the ray gun is first crafted. It will display an integer value of shots remaining when Trionic power cells have been loaded into the gun.


Figure 1 - The tooltip displayed when the player places their mouse over the ray gun in the inventory GUI. 

Crafting Recipe

Name Ingredients Recipe
Dalek Ray Gun recipe.item.dalek-gun.png




  • The gun can be loaded by first placing any amount of Trionic power cells in inventory slots 0-35.
  • Then, hold the Sneak key (default  is Shift key) then right click whilst holding the ray gun.
  • The gun will load the amount of power cells in an inventory slot closest to slot 0. Holding down Sneak and right click will continously load power cells until the inventory no longer stores any power cells.
    • The maximum number of power cells that can be loaded into a ray gun at once is 2304. This can be done by holding the ray gun in the offhand and filling the entire inventory (excluding armor slots) with trionic power cells)


Figure 2 - Inventory Slot numbers of a Player's inventory from Minecraft 1.9+. The gun loads any Trionic Power Cells from slots 0-8, then loads any power cells from 9-35 in this order.


To fire the gun, right click. There is no drawback action or cooldown. 


  • Using the /give command, it is possible to obtain a ray gun with a shot capacity of 999,999,999.
    • Command: /give @p tardis:ray_gun 1 0 {ammo:999999999}