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Mysterious Suitcase

block-suitcase.pngThe Mysterious Suitcase is a decorative block present in the 1.12.2 versions of the mod.


As of 0.1.0D, the suitcase can only be obtained as part of the "Study" Tardis console room or the creative menu. There is no crafting recipe present.


As of 0.1.0D, the clothing drops do not occur consistently.

If broken in survival, the suitcase will drop a random number and type of clothing added by the New Tardis Mod.


  • The suitcase bears an intentional resemblance to the bigger-on-the-inside suitcase used by the fictional character Newt Scamander of the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film series.
  • A Fantastic Beasts style bigger-on-the-inside suitcase was an early mod idea by the mod founder and is an inspiration for the creation of the New Tardis Mod