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Cybermen are a hostile mob that spawn naturally throughout the world.

As of 0.0.9B there are two variants: 'Invasion' Cybermen (based off its appearance in The Invasion) and 'Tomb' Cybermen (based off its appearance in Tomb of the Cybermen).


  • Type: Hostile
  • Health: 20 (10 hearts)
  • Armor points: 2 (1 armor bar)
  • Attack type:
    • 'Invasion' variant: Ranged
    • 'Tomb' variant: Melee
  • Attack damage
    • 'Invasion' variant: 3 (1.5 hearts)
    • 'Tomb' variant: 4 (2 hearts)
  • Movement speed: 
    • 'Invasion' variant: 23% of player walking speed
    • 'Tomb' variant: 20% of player walking speed
  • Target Following Range: 35 blocks

AI Behaviour

All variants

  • Avoids water blocks within a 1 block radius.
  • Will move towards and 'knock' on nearby Tardis doors.
    • Players inside their Tardis interior will hear a loud banging noise as opposed to a knocking sound, which clearly indicates the presence of Cybermen instead of friendly players/entities.
Target priorities
  1. Player (If other targets are also present but player is within 8 blocks of Cyberman, players will still be top priority)
  2. Iron Golem

Variant specific behaviour - 'Invasion' Cybermen

  • Shoots blue laser at target if target is within 30 blocks, has no melee attack.

Variant specific behaviour - 'Tomb' Cybermen

  • Uses melee attack on target, has no ranged attack.

Spawn Behaviour

As of 0.0.9B, 'Tomb' Cybermen can no longer be spawned

As of 0.0.9B, 'Invasion' Cybermen will spawn naturally in the Overworld in underground areas such as caves or ravines. They can also be spawned in artificially using spawn eggs (that are only available using commands).

'Tomb' Cybermen do not spawn naturally and can only be spawned in with commands.


  • 1 to 1+ Exotronic Circuit


entity.cyberman_invasion-v2.png entity.cyberman_tomb-v2.png
Figure 1 - 'Invasion' Cybermen variant Figure 2 - 'Tomb' Cybermen variant


  • Cybermen eyes and chest units will glow in low light levels