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This feature has been removed in version 0.1.0E and no longer exists in the latest version of the mod.


Adipose was a friendly mob that spawned naturally.



  • Health: 10 (5 hearts)

AI Behavior

  • Avoided water
  • Was able to swim
  • Would flee from players if attacked by player

Spawn Behavior

  • Adipose spawned naturally in all biomes of the Overworld.
  • They had a 10% chance of spawning in a chunk by default.
    • This value could be configured in the mod's configuration file.


  • 2 x Slime Ball


  • Adipose could be carried by the player if the player right clicked on the Adipose hitbox.
    • To allow the Adipose to dismount the player, the player would press the Sneak key (Default: Shift)