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Daleks are a hostile mob. They seek to exterminate all beings that are not of their own kind.


  • Health: 20 (10 hearts)
  • Armor points: 2 (1 armor bar)
  • Attack type: Ranged
  • Attack damage: 3 (3 hearts to player without armor and potion effects)
  • Attack speed: 1 attack/per 2 seconds
  • Movement speed: 12.9 blocks per second
  • Flying speed: Up to 5 blocks in Y direction at 0.842 blocks per second
  • Fall speed: 25.9 blocks per second if not flying.
  • Target following range: 35 blocks

AI Behavior

Due to the Dalek AI behaviour being a work in progress, it can be slow to respond.

  • Hostile to all mobs (excluding other Daleks) and Players.
  • Fires a green laser at target
  • Daleks will prioritise Players over other mobs when the player is within 8 blocks.
  • Avoids water within a 1 block range
  • If target is more than 5 blocks away from Dalek, the Dalek will chase the target.


There are two variants of Dalek as of 0.0.9B:

  • ‘Time War’ Dalek (alias)
  • ‘Skaro’ Dalek (alias)

Spawn Behavior

'Time War Daleks' spawn in Dalek Invasion events, an event that occurs in Overworld Villages. Four or more 'Time War Daleks' Daleks can spawn in these events.

'Skaro' Daleks can only be summoned via commands.

  • /summon ~ ~ ~ tardis:dalek_scaro 


Upon death Daleks will have a chance of dropping one or more types of items, including up to:

entity.dalek.time-war-v2.png entity.dalek.skaro-v2.png
Figure 1 - Dalek ('Time War' Variant) Figure 2 - 'Skaro' Dalek variant