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Creating your Tardis


Figure 1 - Tardis Coral

As of 0.0.8A, players are required to grow their own Tardis to create it. This is done by crafting a Tardis coral and Sub-system components.

Stage 1 - Growing the Tardis Coral

To grow the Tardis, place down the Tardis coral on any block and wait two Minecraft days. After two days has past, the player will receive a Tardis key and the player’s Tardis will materialize in the place of the coral.


  • Over the period of two Minecraft days, the Tardis Coral will show progressive growth with four major stages. See the following images in the Gallery.
  • Breaking a coral that is undergoing growth will reset the growth timer and revert it to its first growth stage.
  • The player can only grow one Tardis from a coral block.
  • If additional coral blocks are placed down after the growth of the first Tardis, they will not continue to grow. (As of 0.0.9B, this feature is bugged but will be rectified in future versions)
  • If the player's inventory is full at the time of the key being given, the Tardis key will NOT be given to the player.
  • If the player is offline when their Tardis has finished growing (for instance, on a multiplayer server), the Tardis key will be stored in the game and given to the player upon logging back in, provided their inventory was not full.
  • If the player is in a Rift Chunk, the coral growth time is reduced to 1 Minecraft Day
  • The command /tardis grow can be used to instantly grow the Tardis (provided the player is looking at the coral’s hitbox and has the right permissions). 
    • Each individual growth stage can be viewed with the command /time set 23999

Stage 2 - Repairing Sub-system components

Upon mature growth, the Tardis will provide all sub-systems, with each sub-system having a random durability value. Thus, the player must gather resources to repair the sub-system components to prolong the life of the Tardis.