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Sonic Shades


Sonic Shades are a wearable item that allows the player to view additional information about their world via a HUD.


The Sonic Shades have the following abilities

  • Detect Rift Chunks
  • Display player skin (head only)
  • Use as a compass
  • Entity Information Display
    • Name
    • Distance from player
    • Age
    • Position


As of 0.0.8A Patch 3, the Sonic Shades are a Creative-only item. There is no crafting recipe.


To wear the shades, place the item in the helmet armor slot. The shades will fit over the eyes of the Steve or Alex skin template. The Heads Up Display will automatically display on the screen.

To use each ability, simply adjust the direction, player position and crosshairs for each respective ability. There is no need to activate any keybind or mouse button.


gui.shades.ability.rift.png gui.shades.ability.entity.png

Figure 1 - Sonic Shades GUI - Rift Chunk Detection.

Note that the player's head and direction are displayed in the top third of the screen.

Figure 2 - Sonic Shades GUI - Entity Information Display