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Tardis Key-1.12

The information on this page is specifc to the 1.12 version. You may be looking for Tardis Key


The Tardis Key is an item that is used to lock and unlock the Tardis.


Provision by matured Tardis Coral

Tardis Keys are given to the player when a Tardis Coral has been fully grown.

If the player’s inventory is full when the coral has matured, the key will be dropped on the ground at the player’s feet.

Crafting Recipe

Name Ingredients Recipe
Tardis Key
  • 1 x Eye of Ender
  • 1 x Iron Ingot

Syncing blank keys

Name Ingredients Recipe
Tardis Key (Blank -> Synced)
  • 1 x Tardis key (Synced)
  • 1 x Tardis key (Blank)



  • 2 x Tardis key (Both will be synced to the same Tardis)

Copying a synced key

Name Ingredients Recipe
Tardis Key (Synced-> Copy)
  • 1 x Tardis key (Synced)
  • 1 x Iron Ingot



  • 2 x Tardis key (Both will be synced to the same Tardis)


  • Locking/Unlocking Doors
  • Display the Tardis console’s coordinates within the Tardis interior dimension.
  • Syncing a Stattenheim Remote to a Tardis


Syncing a key

A Tardis key can be synced to a Tardis in four ways:

  1. Via provision by a matured Tardis coral. The key will be automatically synced to that Tardis
  2. Right click with key on the Tardis console.
  3. Combine a blank key with an existing synced key
  4. Combine a synced key with an iron ingot to create a second synced key


Figure 1 - The tooltip displayed when the mouse is hovered over the key.

Syncing multiple keys to one Tardis

See above steps

Locking/Unlocking Doors

Hold the key in the hand and right click on the top block of the Tardis exterior. A prompt “TARDIS Locked!” or “TARDIS Unlocked!” will display on the screen and the doors will close/open.

Finding the Tardis console coordinates

The Console coordinates are NOT the Tardis' exterior position (where it landed). It is the coordinates of the console in the interior dimension.

Place the mouse over the item whilst in the inventory GUI. It will produce a tooltip that displays the Tardis console’s coordinates in the interior dimension.

Refer to the Stattenheim Remote for the Tardis exterior position.

Syncing a Stattenheim Remote to a Tardis

  1. Combine a synced Tardis key with a Stattenheim Remote in a Crafting grid.
  2. This will sync the key's Tardis data to the Statthenheim Remote. The key will remain in the crafting grid.
Figure 1 - An alternate Tardis key model present in the New Tardis Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2


  • Each time the player exits the Tardis the doors will be left open. To prevent unwanted entities from entering the Tardis, players are recommended to always lock their doors with the key.
  • As of 0.1.0B, the Tardis keys display differently in the main hand compared to the offhand.