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Bessie is a vehicle that allows for travel across the world. 


  • Has a health value of 20 (10 hearts)
  • Can fit up to 3 passengers (including the driver).
  • When the driver dismounts, the passenger closest to the driver seat will be able to drive the vehicle.
  • Vehicle will not dismount passengers when in water.
  • When driving at low light levels, the vehicle's headlights will glow.
  • Has a horn that can be activated by pressing the JUMP key (Default: Space)
  • Vehicle can be pushed.
  • Vehicle can be respawned by depleting its health. This will drop the Bessie item.

Crafting Recipe

Name Ingredients Recipe
  • 1 x Iron Ingot
  • 1 x Black Wool
  • 2 x Black Concrete
  • 3 x Yellow Concrete




Spawning and Respawning

Bessie can be spawned by right clicking with the Bessie item.

If Bessie's health is depleted, it will drop its item, allowing the player to respawn it.


Player entities

The vehicle can be mounted by the player via right clicking the entity.

To dismount, press the Sneak key (default: Shift)

Non-player entities

Non-player entities can also mount Bessie if they are pushed into its hitbox, walk into or led via a lead into Bessie's hitbox.


Bessie can only move forwards or backwards using the W and S keys, respectively.

To change the direction of motion, use the A and D keys to turn left and right, respectively.

These controls are similar to the Minecraft boat.


  • This specific model is known for being the Third Doctor’s main mode of transportation during his exile on Earth.
  • This model of the car is a custom model built by a British inventor, using a Ford 103E Populars base. The model was sold as a ‘Siva Edwardian’ car.


  1. Entities riding Bessie (exception being chickens and similar mobs) take fall damage if the vehicle falls from a large height. However Bessie itself will not take damage.
  2. Entities riding Bessie will not be dismounted if Bessie is exposed to water.
  3. Bessie cannot be moved with a lead
  4. Bessie can be easily reverted to its spawn item by exposing the vehicle to lava.
  5. A demonstration of Bessie's headlights can be seen in the following video,