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Tardis Commands

The mod adds in some commands to help users and administrators manage their Tardis more easily.

/tardis create

Usage: /tardis create [exterior] [interior] [console_unit]

This command allows the user to create a broken Tardis exterior with a neutral (0) loyalty towards the player who created it. This provides the user with a quick method of obtaining a Tardis. 

  • The exterior is the ID of the Tardis exterior you want to use.
  • The interior is the ID of the Tardis Console Room (Interior) you want to use.
  • The console_unit is the ID of the Tardis Console Unit type you want to use.

/tardis interior

Usage: /tardis interior [Username] [Target Tardis Dimension ID]

This allows a user who owns an existing Tardis to teleport their Tardis' interior position. This syntax is similar to Minecraft's Teleport Command.

  • The username is the player you will be teleporting.
  • The Target Tardis Dimension ID is the Dimension ID the target Tardis.

The player being teleported will appear at the Tardis console of the target Tardis.

/tardis loyalty

Loyalty Check

Usage: /tardis loyalty check [tardis dimension ID]

Checks the loyalty value the target Tardis for the player who executed this command.

Loyalty Add

Usage: /tardis loyalty add [value] [tardis dimension ID] [player]

Artificially adds the specified amount of loyalty for the player of a target Tardis. 

/tardis refuel

Usage: /tardis refuel [number] [tardis]

This allows the command executor to add the specified number of Artron Energy to their Tardis. If the amount entered will exceed the Tardis' total Artron Bank capacity, the Tardis will be refueled to the limit of its capacity instead.

  • The tardis parameter is the Dimension ID of the Tardis you want to add fuel to.

/tardis setup

Usage: /tardis setup [Tardis]

This allows the command executor to setup their Tardis for flight. This adds Artron Capacitors, all Subsystems to the Tardis and gives the command executor a Tardis Key.

/tardis unlock

Usage: /tardis unlock [exterior/interior/console] [namespace_id] [Tardis Dimension ID]

This allows the command executor to unlock an object for the specified Tardis.

  • The exterior argument means you will be unlocking an exterior for the targeted Tardis.
  • The interior argument means you will be unlocking an interior for the targeted Tardis. 
  • The console argument means you will be unlocking a Console Unit for the targeted Tardis. 
  • The namespaced_id argument is the identifier name for the exterior/interior you are unlocking. 
    • For example, tardis:interior_steam will unlock the Steam Interior
    • If you wish to unlock all objects, use the * star character, which is a character used for wildcard searches.
  • The Tardis Dimension ID is the Dimension id of the Tardis interior which you are unlocking the object for.

Helper Commands

A set of utility commands for convenience. 

/tardis artron

Artron Check

Usage: /tardis artron check

Checks the current Artron value of an Artron compatible item held in the command executor's hand, such as an Artron Battery. 

Artron Add

Usage: /tardis artron add [value]

Adds the specified value of Artron value to an Artron compatible item held in the command executor's hand, such as an Artron Battery. 

/tardis attune_item

Usage: /tardis attune_item [tardis dimension ID]

Attunes the item currently held in the command executor's hand to the specified Tardis.

/tardis disguise

Usage: /tardis disguise spawn [type]

A debug command intended for use in debugging Tardis Exterior disguises.

  • The type is the ID for a Tardis disguise.

Server Administration Commands

Additional commands to help multiplayer server administrators.

/tardis find

Find Dimension ID for Tardis Display Name

On multiplayer servers, sometimes server administrators may need to find out the Tardis Dimension ID for a particular Tardis.

Since 1.5+, Tardises are not owned by a particular player. The Tardis' dimension ID is also random UUID.

However, a problem server administrators may face is that a player will usually only be able to see a Tardis' Display Name, which is stored in the Tardis Interior World's Capability data. This is usually the name inside the tooltip of an attuned item

Additionally, Tardis Display Names are not unique, so for one display name there may be multiple Tardises which use the same display name.

To account for the fact that users may not be able to provide the necessary Tardis dimension ID information quickly, this command helps translate a Tardis' Display Name into a list of Dimension IDs which use this display name.

Usage: /tardis find world_key [tardis_name]

  • The tardis_name is the display name for a Tardis that is usually shown on the tooltip of an attuned item
    • Do not include any spaces between each word.
      • Correct: HorologiumObserverTau
      • Incorrect: Horologium Observer Tau
    • Account for capital letters because this parameter is case sensitive
      • Correct: HorologiumObserverTau
      • Incorrect: Horologium observer tau
Find Tardis Display Name for Dimension ID

Similar to above, you can find out a list of possible Tardis' Display names for a Tardis Dimension ID 

Usage: /tardis find tardis_name [dimension]

  • The dimension is the Tardis Interior's Dimension ID.

Compatibility with Minecraft and Minecraft Forge

By default, commands added by this mod require the command executor to be operator (OP) level 2 or higher.

Some commands may require a higher operator level. Such cases will be specified above.

All commands are compatible with Minecraft Forge's Permission API and Minecraft's in-built permission system. This allows Tardis commands to be run inside command blocks, MCFunction files, /execute commands and more.