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Sonic Screwdriver

item-sonic-cane.pngThe Sonic Screwdriver is a tool that has a versatile range of functions.

There are many variants of the sonic screwdriver, but each variant have the same functions.


Crafting Recipe


Name Ingredients Recipe
Sonic Screwdriver
  • 1 x Diamond
  • 2 x Iron Ingots
  • 2 x Exotronic Circuitry



Sonic Torch Pen

  • 3 x Iron Ingots
  • 1 x Sonic Screwdriver



Sonic Cane

3 x Black Wool

1 x Sonic Screwdriver



Energy Usage and Recharging (1.12.2)

  • The sonic screwdriver requires artron energy charge to function.
  • Each use of the Sonic uses up 5 charges
    • As of 0.1.0B, the Sonic Screwdriver has infinite charge capacity

Screwdriver Abilities


The Sonic Screwdriver has the following capabilities. Each function will activate when the condition is met

  • Ignites TNT.
  • Opens/Closes Iron doors and Iron trapdoors
  • Temporarily lights a Redstone Lamp


The screwdriver has the following capabilities. The player can switch between each setting by Sneak+Right clicking the sonic in the air.

  • Signal TARDIS

    • Changes the Navcom coordinates of the TARDIS to your current location, but does not start flight. You will need to manually pull the Time Rotor Handbrake to travel to those coordinates.

  • Block interaction

    • Ignites TNT
    • Opens Iron Doors and Iron Trapdoors
    • Turns on Redstone Lamps
    • Activates Dispenser blocks
  • Entity interaction 

    • Ignites Creepers
    • Shears sheep

    • Causes Rabbits to jump



Right click with the sonic to use its current setting. The sonic has a 5 second cooldown between each use.


Right click with the sonic to use its current setting. The sonic has a 5 second cooldown between each use.

Use Sneak + Right click to change the Sonic’s setting. A tooltip displays the current setting if the player hovers over the item.



Sonic Screwdrivers will come in a variety of casings. As of 0.0.2 pre-alpha build, the only variant is the Sonic Cane.


Sonic Screwdrivers have a variety of casings that can be obtained via the Sonic Workbench. In survival, the interchangeable casings can be obtained by first crafting a base casing variant of the sonic screwdriver, then switching the casing using the workbench.

Base Casings (Craftable)

  • Sonic Screwdriver (regular)
  • Sonic Pen
  • Sonic Cane

Interchangeable Casings (Only obtainable via Sonic Workbench)

  • 3rd Doctor's
  • Thirteenth Sonic 


Basic Casings





Figure 1 - Basic Sonic Screwdriver

Figure 2- Sonic Torch Pen variant

Figure 3 - Sonic Cane variant

Interchangeable Casings

item.sonic-2nd.png item.sonic-3rd.png item.sonic-4th.png item.sonic-5th.png
Figure 4 - 2nd Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver variant Figure 5 - 3rd Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver variant Figure 6 - 4th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver variant Figure 7 - 5th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver variant
item.sonic.6th-lance.png item.sonic-7th.png item.sonic-dark-eyes.png item.sonic-war.png
Figure 8 - Sonic Lance variant Figure 9 - 7th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver variant Figure 10 - "Dark Eyes" Sonic Screwdriver variant Figure 11 - War Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver variant
item.sonic-10th.png item.sonic.13.png item.sonic.trowel.png item.sonic.lipstick.png
Figure 12 - 9th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver variant Figure 13 - 13th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver variant Figure 14 - Sonic Trowel variant Figure 15 - Sonic Lipstick variant
item.sonic-romana.png item.sonic-pen.png item.sonic.regular.png item.sonic.cane.png
Figure 16 - Romana's Sonic Screwdriver variant Figure 17 - Sonic Pen variant Figure 18 - Basic Sonic variant Figure 19 - Sonic Cane Variant


  • When using a sonic on wood, the player will receive the message "It doesn't work on wood" - a reference to the flaw of the sonic in Doctor Who.