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Artron Capacitor


An Artron Capacitor is an item used as a crafting component in Tardis sub-system components and previously provided artron energy to the Tardis.

Crafting Recipe


Name Ingredients Recipe
Artron Capacitor





Fuel Boost

As of 0.0.9B, this feature has been removed

  • Restores up to 60% of artron energy banks when the capacitor has full durability. Right click with the capacitor on the Tardis console once to refill 10% of the artron banks.

Locating Rift Chunks

As of 0.0.9B, this feature has been removed

  • When holding the artron capacitor in the main hand, a prompt above the hotbar will inform the player if the current rift they are in is a rift chunk.
  • The capacitor will consistently check for rift chunks as long as the player holds the capacitor in the main hand.
  • The capacitor will recharge its durability (artron charge) if held in a rift chunk
  • This ability will not work if the capacitor is placed in the offhand.



Although the Artron Capacitor is not an essential Tardis Sub-system component, it can be repaired using the Steady State Microwelding Station. The station will be able to repair the capacitor to full durability with 1 Redstone Block.