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Architectural Reconfiguration System-1.12.2


The Architectural Reconfiguration System (ARS) is a block that allows the player to obtain a variety of decoration blocks in exchange for the depletion of the Tardis' Artron banks.


The ARS block can be obtained by right clicking with a Minecraft egg on the Tardis console.

Each egg will provide one ARS block


  • Right clicking on the ARS block will produce a GUI as shown. 
  • The player can then select a block by left clicking on a block shown in the GUI. This will give the player 64  blocks of that type.
  • The Tardis' Artron banks will be depleted by 1% for every 64 blocks generated by the ARS block.



  • By default, only the Hell-Bent Glass blocks are available.
  • Players can configure the ARS to produce more blocks by editing the configuration file. 
    • On multiplayer, the blocks added to the configuration file will be available for all players.
    • The configuration file is named "tardis_ars". This is located in the directory .minecraft/configby default
  • To add more blocks to the ARS GUI, the user must add them in the following format:
    • "[modid] : [block name]".
    • The modid is the name given to a mod to identify them. It can be found if you turn on advanced item tool tips ingame and hover over an item
    • The block name isn't the name of the block, it is the identifier name. e.g. diamond_block is the block identifier name of Block of Diamond
    • E.g. minecraft:stone is the Stone block 
    • E.g. 2 tardis:workbench gets the Sonic Workbench
    • The formatted text must be between a set of the quotation marks. For more information on formatting, please look through tutorials on the JSON file format.
  • Example ARS configuration file:
    • File name: tardis_ars.json
    • Blocks added to GUI: Toyota Hexagon, Alembic