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Food Machine


The Food Machine is a machine that produces food using Tardis Artron Energy. It can be mined with a pickaxe.


Crafting Recipe

Name Ingredients Recipe
Food Machine
  • 1 x Ender Pearl
  • 1 x Exotronic Circuit
  • 6 x Iron Ingot
  • 1 x Redstone Block


Obtaining Food

  • Using Tardis Artron energy to produce Bread.


Baking Bread

  • Place Food Machine in the Tardis interior dimension.
  • Ensure Artron Banks are higher than 1%.
  • Right click Food machine and wait for the sound effect to finish playing.
  • After the sound effect has finished playing, one loaf of bread will drop from the Food Machine. This uses up 1% of the Artron Banks.
  • The Food Machine can only function in the Tardis interior dimension. If it is placed in any other dimension, it will not be able to produce food.
  • The bread drops onto one of the 4 diagonal surrounding blocks around the Food Machine. (North-West, North-East, South-East, South-West. Hence, to ensure the player can pickup the bread, sufficient space must be given. A 3x3x3 space is recommended.
  • There is a cooldown for each use of the Food Machine that spans the duration of its sound effect.
  • Spamming the food machine will continue to use up Artron energyreset the cooldown timer and will not produce bread.