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An Alembic is a device that processes raw materials. It can be mined with a pickaxe.


Crafting Recipe

Name Ingredients Recipe
  • 2 x Glass Bottle
  • 4 x Stick



The Alembic will require Cinnabar Dust to distillate Mercury


Processing materials

  • Converting Cinnabar Dust to Mercury Bottles


Obtaining Mercury Bottles

  1. Insert Cinnabar Dust into the Alembic by right clicking with the dust on the Alembic. 
    1. Each Cinnabar Dust yields one Mercury Bottle
  2. Right click on the Alembic to obtain a Mercury Bottle. 


  • In the 1.12.2 versions, there is a 7 second cooldown for each use of the Alembic. Spamming right click will reset the cooldown timer.
  • In the 1.12.2 versions, breaking an Alembic with stored Cinnabar Dust, then placing it back down will delete the stored Cinnabar Dust. Therefore the user should keep notes of how much cinnabar dust is left if they wish to conserve their cinnabar dust supply


  • Obtaining Mercury Bottles from an Alembic was intended to require an empty bottle, however this has not been implemented in the 1.12.2 versions. This has been implemented in the 1.14.4 versions.