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Sonic Workbench


The Sonic Workbench is a block that allows users to change the casing of a sonic screwdriver or Tardis key. This features is exclusive to the 1.12 versions of the mod.

Crafting Recipe

Name Ingredients Recipe
Sonic Workbench
  • 3 x Oak Wood Planks
  • 1 x Oak Wood Log
  • 1 x Redstone Lamp 




  • Can instantly modify any sonic screwdriver or Tardis key's casing
  • Does not require any energy to change casing
  • Workbench will be able to drop when broken by hand



  1. Right click the Sonic workbench. This will display a GUI.
  2. Insert any Sonic Screwdriver or Tardis key into the Sonic Workbench slot.
  3. Select and click the desired screwdriver/key casing. This will change the screwdriver/key's casing to the one selected
  4. Take out the sonic screwdriver/Tardis key from the workbench. The sonic screwdriver/Key should have display your desired casing.


gui-sonic-workbench-sonic-only.png gui-sonic-workbench-key-only.png
Figure 1 - The GUI displayed when a Sonic Screwdriver is inserted into the workbench slot Figure 2 - The GUI displayed when a Tardis Key is inserted into the workbench slot


  • Sonic Shades cannot be modified in the workbench
  • Breaking the Sonic workbench with a sonic still in its slot will delete the Sonic
  • Changing the casing of a sonic screwdriver will retain its current charge levels.