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This feature has been removed from version 0.1.1B


The Spacesuit is an armor set that protects the player from a variety of environments


The Spacesuit set consists of the Spacesuit Helmet, Spacesuit Chestpiece and Spacsuit Leggings.

As of 0.0.8A Patch 3, all spacesuit items are not obtainable in survival mode. They can only be obtained via the /give command.

  • Spacesuit Helmet: /give @p tardis:space_helm
  • Spacesuit Chestpiece: /give @p tardis:space_chest
  • Spacesuit Leggings: /give @p tardis:space_legs


  • Protects the player from mercury leak damage when Fluid Links are destroyed.
  • Prevents the player from drowning when underwater.
  • Provides an unlimited oxygen supply and Tier 1 thermal protection for all Galacticraft Dimensions.
  • Does not lose durability from player damage sources
  • Does not provide armor protection


  • If a mercury leak occurs in the Tardis, the Tardis has Temporal Grace circuits installed and the player is wearing a full spacesuit set in the interior, the player will not be damaged. The Temporal Grace Circuits' durability will also not be decreased.
  • When wearing the spacesuit underwater, the player's total air supply is reduced, but the air supply will not decrease over time. (See Figure 1)
  • The spacesuit does not provide Frequency Module abilities when the player is in Galacticraft Dimensions.
  • When wearing the spacesuit on Galacticraft Venus, it does not provide the required thermal protection (Tier 2). The player will take damage. However the spacesuit will not lose durability during this event.


event.spacesuit.water.png event.spacesuit.GC-oxygenOnly.png
Figure 1 - The Player underwater wearing the Spacesuit. Figure 2 - The Player in the Galacticraft Moon dimension wearing the Spacesuit. The spacesuit provides unlimited oxygen supply.
event.spacesuit.GCthermal-oxygen.png event.spacesuit.GC-venus-invalid.png
Figure 3 - The Player in the Galacticraft Asteroids dimension wearing the Spacesuit. The spacesuit provides unlimited oxygen supply and Thermal protection. Figure 4 - The Player in the Galacticraft Venus dimension wearing the Spacesuit. The spacesuit provides unlimited oxygen supply but not the required thermal protection.