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Dalek Casing

entity.dalek.time-war-v2.pngThe Dalek Casing is a vehicle that allows for travel across the world. 


The Dalek Casing is a work in progress

  • Has a health value of 20 (10 hearts)
  • Can only be mounted by one player, non-player entities cannot ride it.
  • Vehicle can be pushed.
  • Vehicle will be attacked by Daleks
  • Vehicle will dismount players if exposed to water


The Dalek Casing can only be obtained via commands.

  • Command: /summon tardis:dalek_casing 



The vehicle can be mounted by the player via right clicking the entity.

To dismount, press the Sneak key (default: Shift)


The Dalek Casing can only move forwards or backwards using the W and S keys, respectively.

To change the direction of motion, use the mouse to point in the direction of travel.

These controls are similar to that of the Minecraft horse.


  • The Dalek casing intended to allow the player to shoot lasers, however this has been removed as of 0.0.9B.
  • An overlay was intended to display when the player is riding the casing, however this feature is non-functional/removed as of 0.0.9B.


  1. The casing has no spawn item
  2. The casing will take damage from most damage sources.

Known Issues

  1. When mounted, the player position is half to one block in front of the casing
  2. The player's healthbar, hotbar, experience bar, armor bar, hunger bar are missing when riding the casing