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Tardis Interior Door-1.12


The Tardis Interior Door is an entity based object that allows entities to exit the Tardis console room.

Crafting Recipe


Name Ingredients Recipe
Interior Door




  • Opening the Tardis interior doors during flight will cause the player to be sucked out and deposited at the start of the flight path.
    • This feature is non-functional in version 0.0.9A+

  • The texture of the door will change to match the current Tardis Exterior shell.
  • If Bigger On the Inside (BOTI) feature is enabled, opening the interior doors will display a window of the environment surrounding the exterior doors.
  • Can be centred between two blocks by holding the Sneak key (Default: Shift) and pressing the Right mouse button.
  • Can face all directions on the X and Z plane (North, South, East, West)
  • Non-player entities can be teleported to the Tardis exterior if the doors are open and they are within range of the door's hitbox1.


  • Use the Left-mouse button on the block to destroy the door. The door will drop its item.
  • Use the Right mouse button while holding the interior door item to place down the interior door
  • Use the Right mouse button while looking at the door to toggle open/close the door.
  • While holding down the Sneak key (Default: Shift) press the Right mouse button to centre the interior door between two blocks.


  1. The interior door's hitbox can be viewed using the keyboard shortcut F3+B
  2. If the player opens the doors and can walk through them without being teleported to the exterior position, the Tardis exterior doors may be facing a solid wall.
    1. This is to prevent the player from suffocating upon exiting the Tardis interior
    2. In order to exit properly, the player must land the Tardis again with the doors facing a different direction. This can be done using the Directional Control.
  3. If the player changes their console room to an alternative preset using the Change Interior protocol, the interior doors from the previous interior may still appear to be present. In most cases, relogging will update the game and remove the duplicate interior door.
  4. If there is no Interior door placed in the Tardis interior dimension during flight, the player will not be sucked out of the interior even if the doors were left open prior to them being destroyed.