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Repair Capsule


Repair Capsule is an item that allows for the repairing of individual Tardis Sub-systems without requiring the player to have access to the Tardis console unit.

Crafting Recipe

Name Ingredients Recipe (Shapeless)
Repair Capsule




Repairing Individual Tardis Sub-systems

This process will set the durability value of the Tardis Sub-system to that of the component being inserted. This can be seen in the following formula:

  • Final Sub-System Readout Value = Component Durability value.


  • Component Durability Value = 23
  • Initial Sub-system Readout value = 34.
  • Final Sub-System Readout Value= 23

Note that the final value IS NOT 57 (34+23).

  1. Craft and hold the Repair Capsule (Place into the selected hotbar slot).
  2. Place the desired component in the inventory. E.g. Fluid Link
  3. Right click with the Repair Capsule once. This will use up the component and identify its corresponding Tardis sub-system.
  4. Right click with the Repair Capsule for the second time. This will use up the Repair Capsule and set the final sub-system value to that of the component's durability value.


  • One Repair Capsule can only repair one Sub-System.
  • The component closest to Slot 0 will be used up.
  • Repair Capsules cannot be stacked to 64 - it will use one inventory slot per item.
  • Repair Capsules can repair any sub-system, provided the correct component is detected in the player's inventory.