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Tardis Key

item-tardis-key.pngThe Tardis Key is an item that is used to lock and unlock the Tardis.

Crafting Recipe

Name Ingredients Recipe
Tardis Key recipe-key.png

Alternate Key Recipes

Name Ingredients Recipe
Tardis Key (Alternate)



Tardis Key (Pirate Model)




  • Locking/Unlocking Doors
  • Display the Tardis owner's UUID


    Locking/Unlocking Doors

    Hold the key in the hand and right click on the top block of the Tardis exterior. A prompt “TARDIS Locked!” or “TARDIS Unlocked!” will display on the screen and the doors will close/open.

    Finding the owner of a key

    When a Tardis key is crafted, the UUID of the player who crafted the key will be saved. This can be easily identified by placing the mouse over the item whilst in the inventory.

    item-tardis-key01.png item-key-pirate.png
    Figure 1 - An alternative Tardis key model. Figure 2 - An alternative Tardis key model.


    • Each time the player exits the Tardis the doors will be left open. To prevent unwanted entities from entering the Tardis, players are recommended to always lock their doors with the key.
    • Some Tardis keys display differently in the main hand compared to the offhand.