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Stattenheim Remote


The Stattenheim Remote is a tool that allows the player to summon their Tardis


The Stattenheim Remote is not obtainable in survival mode. There are future plans to make it obtainable in survival, as a reward in completing "quests".


Syncing Remote to Owner

When you place the Stattenheim Remote in your inventory, it will bind itself to you.

This means the remote will summon your Tardis and cannot summon anyone else's.

View Tardis Information

  1. Hover over the item whilst it is in the inventory GUI
  2. See the following fields:
    1. Timeship Owner: The owner which this remote is bound to.

    2. Current/Destination Dimension: The current dimension the Tardis is located in. If it is in flight, the destination dimension will be shown.

    3. Current/Destintation Position: The current position of the Tardis. If it is in flight, the destination position will be shown.

    4. In Flight. A true or false value informing you if the Tardis is currently in flight.

    5. Journey: The total progess of the journey the Tardis has completed if it is in flight. If it is 0, it has landed. 

    6. Fuel: How much fuel the Tardis currently holds

Summoning Tardis

  1. Right click on a block with the Stattenheim Remote
  2. Depending on the distance between its start and destination position, the Tardis will arrive shortly.
  3. When the Tardis is about to arrive, a "Reached Destination" sound will be played to the player who has the remote in their inventory. This sound is a high pitched "ding".