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Stattenheim Remote

item.remote-large.pngThe Stattenheim Remote is a device that can force a Tardis to land at a particular location. While it is effective as a remote control, it is detrimental on the Tardis' health.


Crafting Recipe


Name Ingredients Recipe
Stattenheim Remote (Blank) recipe.remote.png

Syncing a blank remote to a Tardis

Name Ingredients Recipe
Stattenheim Remote (Syncing)
  • 1 x blank Stattenheim remote
  • 1 x synced Tardis Key



  • 1x Synced Stattenheim Remote
  • 1 x Synced Tardis Key

Desyncing a remote from a Tardis

Name Ingredients Recipe
Stattenheim Remote (Desyncing)
  • 1 x synced Stattenheim remote



  • 1 x Blank Stattenheim Remote


  • Summon the Tardis
  • View Tardis properties
    • Tardis Console Position
      • Where the console is located in the Tardis dimension
    • Artron Banks
    • Tardis Arrival Time
    • Tardis Exterior Position
      • This is where the Tardis lands in the world


Syncing remote to Tardis/Viewing Tardis properties

Syncing the remote

There are two methods to sync a remote to a Tardis.

  1. Right clicking with remote on the Tardis console.
  2. Combine a non-synced remote with a synced Tardis key in a crafting grid.
  3. The remote will now display a list of Tardis properties
Desyncing the remote

The user can sync an existing synced remote to another Tardis by first desyncing it.

  1. Place a synced remote in a crafting grid.
  2. The remote will now be blank and ready to be synced to another Tardis
Viewing Tardis properties
  • Mouse over a synced remote while in the player inventory GUI.


Figure 1 - Tardis properties displayed on a recently synced remote

Summon the Tardis

If the remote counts down the flight time but suddenly stops, either a sub-system, Artron fuel levels or Tardis Hull may be too low for the Tardis to reach the destination.

If you need to summon the Tardis to your position, crafting and using a synced remote will allow you to do.

  1. Sync remote to Tardis by right clicking with remote on the Tardis console or combining it with a synced Tardis key. The remote will now display a list of Tardis properties
  2. Right click remote on a block
  3. To verify the action’s success, mouse over the remote’s “Time to destination” tooltip or the remote sound effect is played.

    1. If the time decreases, the Tardis will be summoned in the amount of seconds the remote states.

  4. The Tardis will land roughly near the specified coordinates.


  • Each use of the remote to summon a Tardis will deplete the Tardis' "Flight System" (A Sub-system) durability by 10%
  • The Tardis must fully materialise before the player can use the remote to summon the Tardis to another location.
  • Multiple remotes can be synced to the same Tardis and used by non-owners.