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Companion(s) are a friendly mob that are able to befriend players.


  • Health: 20 (10 hearts)
  • Movement speed: Up to approximately 10 blocks per second
  • Player following range: 5 blocks

AI Behavior

  • Able to swim in water
  • Cannot be befriended by other players, will only 'listen' to the original player.

Befriending a player

  • A player can befriend companions interacting with them via the Right mouse button.
  • Once this is done the companion will instantly befriend the player. A chat message, "Good work with those Daleks!" will be sent to the player.
  • The companion will follow the player once they have been befriended.
  • The companion will be able to assist the player in three tasks: "Wait here./Please follow me."And "Go back to the TARDIS and wait for me."

Task Priorities

Unlike a real companion, the companion entity has a static list of task priorities. It always follows the command the player asks of them over any other task such as avoiding danger

Default list of tasks

Wait at current position/Follow player

Ingame prompt: 'Wait here./Please follow me'

'Wait here': Companion stops at its current position

'Please follow me': Companion follows player if player moves more than 5 blocks away from companion

Waiting for the player in the Tardis

Ingame prompt: 'Go back to the TARDIS and wait for me.'

The companion will move towards the Tardis. If they are successful, they will enter the Tardis and wait for the player. Once the player enters the Tardis interior, they will continue following the player.

Taking a player's held item

Ingame prompt: 'Take this!'

Selecting this option will allow the companion to take the player's currently held hotbar item. This item will be displayed in the companion's right hand and will not despawn. As of 0.1.0E, the companion cannot use the item they are given.

If the player wishes to retrieve their item, they simply need to select this option again. The companion will drop their held item and the player can pick it up from the ground. All original nbt tags on the item will be retained.

Figure 1 - Default companion task list. Note that the companion XP value is zero.

Companion Experience

The companion entity can gain the ability to pilot the player's TARDIS on their own, which unlocks the ability to fly the TARDIS to the player.

This is in the form of companion experience. When the companion first meets the player, they will have no companion experience points.

To increase the companion's experience, the player can 'teach' the companion to fly their TARDIS.

  1. To do this, the player and companion must both in the TARDIS interior dimension.
  2. The player must then set a destination and take off.
    1. The player can use either stabilised flight mode or manual flight mode, as the experience gained by the companion is the same for both types of flight modes.
  3. The companion will gain 0.01 experience points per second of TARDIS flight.
  4. Once the companion has gained 0.03 experience they will unlock the ability to fly the Tardis to the player's position.

Unlockable abilities

Flying the player's Tardis to their current position

Ingame prompt: 'I need you to go get the TARDIS.'

The companion will move towards the Tardis. If they are successful, they will enter the Tardis and fly it to the player's current coordinates.

This ability requires 0.003 companion experience points.

Figure 2 - Unlocked companion task list. Note that the companion XP value is over 0.03.


The player's companions can come from a diverse range of backgrounds. Some known companions are:

  • Alexa
  • Claire
  • Peter
  • Vandham
  • Vassilis
  • Wolsey

Spawn Behavior

As of 0.1.0E, up to five companions will spawn in various locations around Overworld villages during a Dalek Invasion event.



entity.companion-alexa.png entity.companion_claire-alt.png entity.companion-peter.png entity.companion-Vandham.png entity.companion-vassilis.png entity.companion-wolsey.png
Figure 3 - Alexa Figure 4 - Claire Figure 5 - Peter Figure 6 - Vandham Figure 7 - Vassilis Figure 8 - Wolsey


  • If the player is more than 5 blocks above the companion (such as flying) and if the companion is unable to reach the player, they will strafe around the player from left to right. This strafing speed is fast enough to avoid Dalek lasers.
  • Each companion has a 27 slot inventory. However this inventory can only be accessed with spectator mode and cannot be interacted with. 
  • The companion cannot pick up any items on the ground


  1. As of 0.1.0E, companions will be able to path-find through and open doors.
  2. Companions travelling back to the Tardis will be unable to avoid natural dangers or obstacles such as large falls, lava sources, water sources, cacti or cobwebs. See the following clip for an example: