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Tardis Progression

Once you are able to find and gain access to a broken Tardis, you need to repair its subsystems

item-circuit-demat.pngPreparing for Flight

Crafting and Installing Subsystems

To allow a Tardis to fly at bare minimum, you must craft and correctly install the essential subsystems

Dematerialisation Circuit and Fluid Link are needed for flight, whilst the Fluid Link and Artron Capacitors are needed to refuel the Tardis.

item-artron-capacitor-basic.pngRefuelling the Tardis

Once the essential subsystems are installed in the correct places in the Tardis Engine block, you need to refuel the Tardis.

To do this,

  1. Make sure the Fluid Link is installed and activated, and there is at least one Artron Capacitor installed in the Artron Panel side of the Tardis Engine block.
  2. Use the Refueler Control on the Tardis Console.
  3. Wait until the Tardis has at least ten Artron Units.

block-monitor-steampunk.pngRepairing the broken Tardis Monitor

Upon first entering a broken Tardis, players will notice that the navigation readings on the Tardis Monitor will read "UNKNOWN".

Additionally, players will find they cannot initially travel to other dimensions.

This can be remedied by crafting and installing a Nav-Com.

Gain and Maintaining your Tardis’ Trust

The Tardis is a living being and to ensure its cooperation with you in the future, you need to interact with it and do activities that can increase its mood and loyalty.

Gaining your Tardis’ trust will be important in your relationship with your Tardis, as you’ll find it can really handy during the course of your time in-game.

Happy Tardises will be inclined to land more accurately. Additionally, loyal Tardises will be able to open in response when you “snap your fingers” (activate Snap keybind).

See the Emotional Guide and Loyalty Guide for more information.

item-circuit-chameleon.pngAccessing more Subsystems

As you gather more resources you will be able to access other subsystems that can increase the range of abilities of your Tardis. These include:

  1. Interstitial Antenna
    1. Allows you to pick up distress calls from other players, detect crashed ships that can contain scrap materials
  2. Chameleon Circuit
    1. Disguise your Exterior as other structures in the world, such as trees or cacti.
    2. Customise your Exterior with different models
  3. Shield Generator
    1. Protect your other subsystems from damage when the exterior is damaged.
    2. When in space, prevent you from being sucked out when the door opens.
  4. Temporal Grace
    1. Negate any damage you take inside the Tardis interior.
    2. Prevent entities from dying to void damage if they fall below the bottom of the Tardis interior dimension.

You can also apply Mending and Unbreaking enchantments to your components for increased durability and longevity.


You can also extend the abilities of existing subsystems by crafting and installing Upgrades.

Some upgrades like the Electrolytic Upgrade are useful for helping you breath in underwater environments.

block-quantiscope_brass.pngMaintaining your systems

It is important to maintain stocks of raw materials to repair your subsystems as you continue to use your Tardis.

It is recommend you create a plant farm to keep up supply of Circuit Paste that is used for Exotronic Circuits.

Additionally, cinnabar will be essential in repairing your Fluid Links via Mercury Bottles.

Some other materials are also recommended to keep on hand, such as Xion Crystals, which are required for crafting other useful items.

Redecorating your Interior

If you are seeking to expand your Tardis interior beyond just the console room, you can craft an ARS Tablet.

Using ARS Tablet on an Corridor Spawn Block will allow you to create new corridors or rooms in your Tardis. All default interiors will include a Corridor Spawn Block 30 blocks north of the Tardis console.

If you want to redecorate your console room, ensure to design the interior around the console and start build from the console block, as it will ensure your interior is symmetrical with the console.