Unlocking Console Rooms


There are a number of Console Rooms (Interiors) that can be unlocked ingame. When the Console Room is unlocked, it will appear on the Change Interior GUI in the Tardis Monitor

Unlocked By Default

The following Console Rooms are unlocked by default

Console Room Description Image
Steam The default interior. A cosy, functional interior



Jade A homely and peaceful interior inspired by Asian influences.



Omega An interior that makes great use of Alabaster blocks. Beware of hidden edges on the platforms!



Alabaster Clean, sterile interior.



Architect A template or 'blank' interior that allows the user to customise it easily, or use it as a simple, functional interior. 




The following Console Rooms require specific conditions to be unlocked.

When the conditions are met, the user must enter the Tardis interior dimension. Then, the unlocked Console Rooms will appear in the Change Interior GUI inside the Tardis Monitor.

Console Room Description Unlock Conditions Image
Nautilus/Nemo Aquatic Inspired Interior Hold a Nautilus Shell



Panamax Vast, roomy interior Gain the Hero Of the Village advancement, then get hurt by an Iron Golem



Traveler Homely Atmosphere with many useful blocks

Travel to the following locations:

  • Shipwreck
  • Stronghold
  • Desert Pyramid
  • Mineshaft
  • Woodland Mansion
  • Jungle Temple



Envoy Original design, meant to be representative of something an ambassador or envoy would use in their travels.

Trade with a Villager that has discounted prices, then right click on the same Villager again.



Locked Console Rooms

The following Console Rooms are unable to be unlocked in Survival Mode.

It requires the use of the /tardis unlock command to unlock them.

Console Room Description Image
Coralised A simple interior inspired by coral formations. This is an interpretation of the 9th/10th Doctor's Console Room.



Toyota Presents a mechanical atmosphere. This is an interpretation of the 11th/12th Doctor's Console Room.