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Tardis Likes


When unlocking a Tardis for the first time, it will accept a number of items. Using a Minecraft Datapack in the following manner will allow you to overwrite or add new items.

Datapack Folder Structure

  • data/[YourDatapackNamespace]/tardis_likes

JSON Format

    “loyalty_weight”:10, //Use a whole number (integer) here

//Item Tags
    “loyalty_weight”:10, //Use a whole number (integer) here

Overwriting/Soft Removal of Items

You cannot fully remove any default items, such as ender pearls, clocks etc.

However, you can overwrite the item with a different item of your choice.

  • You must name the JSON file the same as the ones used in the mod.
    • E.g. "compass.json", "ender_pearl.json"
  • The datapack folder path must used the "tardis" namespace
    • i.e. data/tardis/tardis_likes