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Console Rooms

interior-toyota.pngA Console Room is the central control room that is spawned when the player enters the Tardis Interior Dimension.


  • 60x60x60 area
  • Connects with Corridors 30 blocks north from the centre of the area.

Changing Console Rooms

There are many variants of the Console Room.


When a Console Room is being changed, the 60x60x60 area is deleted and replaced with the new Console Room. This means all blocks, containers such as Chests will be deleted. However, any items inside the the containers will be saved in the Reclamation Unit.

Additionally, any beds will be cleared, meaning if you had set your spawn inside the Interior dimension, your spawn point will be deleted.

Finally, any Waypoints stored inside Waypoint Banks will be saved into the Reclamation Unit in the form of a Waypoint Data Crystal.


You can change the Console Room for your Tardis by using the following steps:

  1. Right click on the Tardis Monitor to show the main dashboard GUI
    1. monitor-main.png
  2. Select "Change Interior"
    1. monitor-interior.png
  3. Cycle through the list of Console Rooms until you are looking at the one your desire
  4. Click Select

Creating Custom Console Rooms

You can create your own custom console rooms by removing the existing one by hand or with external tools such as World Edit.

However, you must not remove the Console Block. This is because all data for the Tardis is stored in the Console Block. If you remove this, you will create a duplicate Tardis Exterior which can only be removed with /tardis remove_exterior command.