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A Guide to Tardis Loyalty

Loyalty is another aspect of the Tardis' emotional system which affects the timeship's behavior towards their pilots.

Unlike Mood, a Tardis' loyalty affects more long term behavior.

For example, a loyal Tardis may feel inclined to save a pilot from certain death, but a disloyal Tardis may try to land near hazards, or just fly away from the pilot one day.

How do I find out the loyalty of a Tardis?

You can't, and it's intentional that you cannot do so without in-game commands.

The loyalty of a Tardis can be compared to the loyalty of a pet to an owner.

One cannot quantify such an attribute, but can infer it. For instance, one cannot measure the loyalty of an canine creature towards its owner.

Similarly, a Tardis' loyalty can only be inferred, through its actions in-game.

How will the Tardis' loyalty benefit me as a pilot?

It can be many things, you'll have to discover them on your own.

Some common results include:

  • Not attempting to kill the pilot out of spite.
  • Not attempting to leave the pilot and potentially strand them in a hostile land.
  • Allowing a pilot to generate additional rooms and corridors in the Tardis' interior via the ARS Tablet
  • Saving players whose health falls below a certain threshold after taking damage outside the Tardis.

How do I increase the Tardis' loyalty to me?

You simply need to treat it well. Be sure to fly the Tardis with few mistakes, maintain its subsystems regularly, and listen to its feelings from its traits by connecting to the Telepathic Circuits.

Can I affect the Tardis' loyalty towards other pilots?

No you cannot. However, this could be done perhaps, if you are you clever and are able to manipulate other pilots for your own...purposes.