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Tardis Exterior


The Tardis Exterior is a set of blocks that forms the outer shell of the Tardis.


The Tardis Exterior is the link between the Tardis interior dimension and the outside world. It allows the player to teleport between the two worlds seamlessly.




When submerged in water, the exterior will be able to seamlessly integrate with the surrounding water.


The exterior blocks cannot be broken in survival mode or in creative mode. They can only be removed with the /tardis remove_exterior command.

Affected By Gravity

Above: Example of Tardis Exterior being able to be affected by TNT explosions 

When the block below the exterior is broken, the Exterior will fall downwards until it finds a solid block.

When it is falling, the exteiror turns into a falling entity similar to that of an Anvil

This property can be disabled with the Anti Gravity protocol inside the Tardis Monitor

Damages entities when falling

When the exterior is falling, it can damage any entity below the exterior if the exterior falls onto the entity.

Exterior Disguises

The Tardis Exterior can take the form of many disguises including:

  1. Steam
  2. Trunk
  3. Fortune Teller
  4. Safe Exterior
  5. TT Capsule
  6. Police Box Mk 3 (Classic Doctor Who style)
  7. Police Box Mk 7 (Modern Doctor Who style)
  8. TT 2000
  9. Block
  10. Chameleon Disguise
  11. Bokkusu
  12. Aperture

Chameleon Disguise

The Chameleon Diguise is a dynamically changing disguise that will attempt to pick an appropriate disguise to allow the exterior to blend in with its surroundings, like a a Chameleon.

The below video showcases a demonstration of this system.