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Unlocking Exteriors


There are a number of Exteriors that can be unlocked ingame. When the Exterior is unlocked, it will appear on the Change Exterior GUI in the Tardis Monitor

Unlocked By Default

The following Exteriors are unlocked by default

Exterior Description Image
Any Exterior By default, the Tardis will inherit an exterior that was used in its broken state.



TT Capsule Classical, utilitarian.




Phase Optic Shell

Exterior that can change shape depending on the biome and location it is in.

E.g. A tree in a forest, cactus in a desert, a stone pillar among Stone.




The following Exteriors require specific conditions to be unlocked.

When the conditions are met, the user must enter the Tardis interior dimension. Then, the unlocked Exteriors will appear in the Change Exterior GUI inside the Tardis Monitor.

Exterior Description Unlock Conditions Image
Aperture Clinical

Neutronic Spectrometer

Required Item: Brewing Stand



Bokkusu Tranquil, calm, authentic. Guess what the word means.

Neutronic Spectrometer

Required Item: Bamboo



Clock Inspired by a Grandfather Clock.

Neutronic Spectrometer

Required Item: Clock



Fortune Teller Modelled after a Fortune Teller Box. If you right click the front of this exterior you will receive some random fortune messages.

Neutronic Spectrometer

Required Item: Cauldron



Police Box Mk 3 Inspired by the 4th Doctor's version of the Police Box.

Ship Computer

Location: Dalek Ship, Crashed Structure





Police Box Mk 7 Inspired by the 13th Doctor's version of the Police Box.

Ship Computer

Location: Dalek Ship, Crashed Structure



Safe Modelled after a locked safe

Neutronic Spectrometer

Required Item: Iron Door



Steampunk The default exterior. Inspired by Steampunk designs and a Scottish Police Box

Neutronic Spectrometer

Required Item: Blaze Powder



Telephone Modelled after real life Telephone Booths

Neutronic Spectrometer

Required Item: Bell



Trunk Modelled after an old style Luggage Trunk.

Neutronic Spectrometer

Required Item: Chest



TT 2020 Futuristic

Ship Computer

Location: Space Station



*If you cannot find a crashed ship with a Ship Computer, or the Ship Computer does not give Data fragments, you can create a version of the Ship's computer that does so. Use the command /setblock ~ ~ ~ tardis:ship_computer{"schematic":"tardis:exteriors/police_box"} then use the sonic on this Ship Computer

**Similar to above. This time use the command /setblock ~ ~ ~ tardis:ship_computer{"schematic":"tardis:exteriors/modern_police_box"}