Obtaining a Tardis

In the latest versions of the mod, the Tardis is obtained through finding it.

Stage 1 - Finding a broken Tardis


Figure 1 - A Broken down Tardis Exterior

In the 1.14.4 versions, Tardises are no longer grown from a crafted Tardis Coral block. Instead, they can be found underground under Y level 64 across all biomes in the Overworld. There is no spawn chance configured, but its spawn conditions are the following:

  • Must contain 2 vertically stacked blocks of air
  • These blocks must not be be able to see the sky (There must be a solid block above the two air blocks)

Interacting with a Tardis

As outlined in the Introduction, each Tardis will have a unique emotional personality and may exhibit different emotions when interacted with.

Initially, crashed Tardises will be vulnerable and will be hesitant and fearful of any outsiders, much like a cornered or wounded creature. The exterior will produce sparks and will produce a pulsating, faint glow. Players or entities cannot enter the Tardis in any form at this stage.

The player will need to convince the Tardis to open for them in order to gain access. Most Tardises are known for having a passion for exploration and adventure, so the player may want to appeal to these emotions.

Gifting Items


Figure 2 - A player gaining the loyalty of a broken Tardis.

One way the player can interact with the Tardis is through giving it items it likes, especially items related to exploration/adventure. This is done by right clicking with an item on the Tardis exterior. If the Tardis likes the item, it will produce heart particles. A successful gift will also increase the Tardis’ loyalty to the player, which will be outlined in further detail here: Tardis Psychology (WIP).

Some items a Tardis may like include:

  • Filled Map
  • Ender Pearl
  • Ender Eye
  • Bells
  • Clocks
  • Compass
  • And more in the future
Forced Entry


The player can also choose to forcibly enter a broken Tardis, by right clicking with a lead on a Horse, then right clicking with the lead onto the broken Tardis exterior. However, this will bring negative consequences to the Tardis’ mood and loyalty. The Tardis will likely hate the player and seek to not land accurately, or throw them out.