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Tardis Personalities and Traits

This information applies to versions 1.5 and above

In addition to having mood and loyalty, the Tardis also has a personality and a number of traits that make up the personality.

Tardis Personality

A Tardis Personality is a collection of traits that a Tardis will have when you first gain access to one

Each Tardis acquired by a player only has one personality, like a living being. Each Tardis personality is made up of three traits. If two traits have incompatible behaviours, only one trait will be added (E.g. A Tardis may not have both a Murderous and Peaceful trait).

Tardis Traits

A Tardis trait defines conditions for how the Tardis will gain and lose mood and Loyalty

Each trait has a 'weight', a randomly generated number between 0 and 1, which determines how much a trait affects a Tardis.

There are a number of Traits that a Tardis will have

Trait Name Mood/Loyalty Change Conditions
Murderous Tardis gains 5 - 10 mood and 1-3 loyalty every time you murder a player or villager.
Peaceful Tardis loses 7 - 14 mood and 3- 6 loyalty for every living being killed. Exceptions to this are any mobs that were aggressive towards the player, attacking the player and Armor Stands (Armor Stands are counted as living entities in Minecraft).
Wet Tardis gains 1 mood for every 2 - 10 seconds its exterior is under water.
Pyro Gains 5 mood for every 20 seconds and a chance of gaining an additional 30% if there is lava within a 16 block radius of the Tardis exterior.
Coldblooded If Tardis exterior is in a snowy or cold biome 0.05 mood every second with a chance to lose 20% more
Arachnophobic Tardis loses 1-4 mood every 10 seconds a spider is near the exterior
Jealous If you fly another Tardis, the Tardis you own will lose 1-5 loyalty and 1-4 mood and every 10 seconds. If you are inside the Tardis you own, this Tardis gains 10 mood every 10 seconds.
Claustrophobic Fear of enclosed spaces. Loses 1 or more mood every 10 seconds if there is a solid block above the Exterior.
Agoraphobic Fear of open spaces. Loses 1 or more mood every 10 seconds if there is no solid block above the Exterior.