Tardis Personalities and Traits

This information applies to versions 1.5 and above

In addition to having mood and loyalty, the Tardis also has a personality and a number of traits that make up the personality.

Tardis Personality

A Tardis Personality is a collection of traits that a Tardis will have when you first gain access to one

Each Tardis acquired by a player only has one personality, like a living being. Each Tardis personality is made up of three traits.

Tardis Traits

A Tardis trait defines conditions for how the Tardis will gain and lose mood and Loyalty

Each trait has a 'weight', a randomly generated number between 0 and 1, which determines who much a trait affects them

There are a number of Traits that a Tardis will have

Trait Name Mood/Loyalty Change Conditions
Murderous Tardis gains 5 - 10 mood and 1-3 loyalty everytime you murder a player or villager that has not attacked you.
Peaceful Tardis loses 7 - 14 mood and 3- 6 loyalty for every living being killed
Wet Tardis gains 1 mood ever 2 - 10 seconds under water
Arachnophobic Tardis loses 1-4 mood every 10 seconds a spider is near the exterior
Pyro Gains 5 mood for every 20 seconds and a chance of gaining an additional 30%
Coldblooded If Tardis exterior is in a snowy or cold biome 0.05 mood every second with a chance to lose 20% more
Jealous If you fly another Tardis, the Tardis you own will lose 1-5 loyalty and 1-4 mood and every 10 seconds. If you are inside the Tardis you own, this Tardis gains 10 mood every 10 seconds.