The New TARDIS Mod is a Minecraft Forge Mod founded by Spectre0987. The flagship feature, the TARDIS has a wide range of features. While its features and functionality are based off the show Doctor Who, its implementation and usage have been modified for gameplay purposes.

Feature Overview

In-depth Acquisition Process

Tardises are grown via Tardis Coral and also require a number of components to be functional. 

Each player can only grow one Tardis per Minecraft singleplayer world. They cannot create more than one Tardis unless they remove their Tardis using the /tardis remove command.

On multiplayer servers, each player can create one only Tardis. Again, they cannot create more than one Tardis unless they remove their Tardis.

See the following links for more information:


A Brief Tour of the Tardis

The Tardis is made up of an exterior shell and interior dimension. 


Figure 1 - Tardis Exterior - Brachaki

Tardis Exterior

The Tardis exterior (or Outer Plasmic Shell) is a block that interacts with the main Minecraft world. It is made up of 2 blocks. The top block is a hitbox that allows the player to interact with it, such as using a Tardis Key to open the door.

Currently, both exterior doors open inwards. This reveals the interior dimension via the Bigger on the Inside Effect


Bigger on the Inside Effect (BOTI)

Much like in the show, the Tardis has the Bigger on the Inside effect. It is able to render the interior from the exterior and the exterior's surroundings from the interior. This features is a work in progress, meaning it can be prone to performance issues, incompatibility issues or render bugs.

As of 0.0.9A, this feature is able to render blocks, items and other entities in real time.


Figure 2 - Bigger on the Inside Effect (BOTI)

Tardis Interior

The Tardis interior is a preset build that resides in a new dimension added by the mod. By default, the Tardis interior build will generate a Console Room. This is a room that allows the player to pilot their Tardis.

On multiplayer servers, each player's Tardis interior build will reside in the same Tardis Interior Dimension but each interior build will be generated a long distance away from another interior.


Figure 3 - The default console room - Hell Bent


Figure 4 - Secondary console room

Tardis Flight

A special mention needs to be given for the operation of a Tardis. The Tardis is a complex timeship, and is not easy to operate. See the following for more information:


Tardis Maintanence


The Tardis requires constant maintanence to avoid mishaps and dangerous consequences. See the following for more information:


Customisation Options

Chameleon Circuit - Exterior Shells

The Tardis's exterior can be customized using the Chameleon Circuit protocol which allows the player to choose from a variety of exterior "shells". 


Figure 5 - Chameleon Circuit Interface via the Tardis Monitor


Custom Interiors

The player can also create custom interiors or use preset console rooms.

As of 0.0.9B, the player can create their own console rooms by destroying the current console room and building in either survival or creative gamemodes.


Preset Console Rooms

Players can also access preset console rooms using the Change Interior  protocol. (Alias: Preset Console Room Changing)


Figure 6 - Preset Console Room Changing Interface via Tardis Monitor


The Tardis Mod adds a variety of decoration blocks, many of which are currently (As of 0.0.9B) unobtainable in survival mode. This is due to a planned implementation of an Architectural Reconfiguration System that will allow the player to obtain such blocks.

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