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Configuration Files

The mod provides a number of different configuration files thanks to the Config system from the Minecraft Forge modloader API.

Client Config

Client-side options such as rendering.

Location: minecraft/config/tardis-client.toml

Common Config

For world generation options such as ore configuration. (This is not an ideal solution, but works for now)

  • Applies globally to every world save in singleplayer and on multiplayer, the whole world.
  • We should be using the server config for this, but due to the way Minecraft Forge made the config system, only the common config can actually initialise early enough to properly configure world generation. 

Location: minecraft/config/tardis-common.toml

Server Config

For server-side only logic such as item cooldowns, Tardis blacklisted dimensions etc.

Applies to individual world saves in singleplayer and the whole save in multiplayer. 

Example: Server config in World Save A will not change Server config in World Save B.

Location: minecraft/saves/YourWorld/serverconfigs/tardis-server.toml