ARS Structure Blocks

The ARS Structure Blocks are two blocks used in the creation and deletion of rooms in the Tardis.

The ARS Structure Start is used for creating rooms

The ARS Structure Void is used for deleting Rooms


ARS Structure Start

ARS Structure Start Block

This block allows for rooms to be created when a player uses an ARS Tablet on it. The room will be created in the direction the player's current facing.

The rooms will be created 1 block behind the ARS Structure Start. Ensure there are no blocks behind this block, or the room won't be generated due to it detecting a conflict.

This block can be obtained via the ARS Egg GUI.

ARS Structure Void

ARS Structure Void Block

This block holds information about the room this block is located in. For example, width, length, height

This block cannot be obtained normally. It is only present within rooms generated by the ARS Tablet


Do not break these blocks. If you do, the data about the room's dimensions will be lost and you can no longer delete the room with the ARS Tablet.