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Tardis Control Entity

The Tardis Control Entity is a type of custom entity that is used to allow the player to interface with their Tardis.


The Tardis Control Entity spawns on the Tardis Console Block. Each control entity is bound to execute a certain action when interfaced with by the player



  • The Control entity can be used by punching (left click) or right click,
  • Punching some controls can set their maximum value
  • Sneaking and left clicking/right clicking a control will invert the action of the control. 
    • E.g. Sneaking and Right clicking the XYZ controls will decrease the coordinate

VR Compatibility

  • Because the controls can be "punched" via left click, this makes them compatible with Virtual Reality Systems, such as Oculus Rift Headsets, in combination with Minecraft VR mods such as Vivecraft.