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Attunement is the act of forming a bond between an item and a Timeship. 

Currently, this process allows items to be synced to particular Tardis, or turning one item into another.


Attunement is a mechanic that allows specific items to be bound to a Tardis, or allow the item to be turned into another item. Attuning an item to a Tardis allows it to interact with a Tardis. For example, an attuned Tardis Key can allow it to lock a specific Tardis' doors.

An attuned item cannot be un-attuned.

Attunement Process

  1. Start the takeoff sequence for a Tardis.
    1. Make sure the Tardis is in-flight for a long time. This can be achieved by using Vortex Limbo flight mode, or travelling a long distance.
  2. Place down a Tardis Engine Block
  3. Open the yellow Charging/Attunement Panel
  4. Charging.png
  5. Place the item of choice into the Attunement slot (right hand slot) of this engine panel.
  6. attunement-place.png
  7. When the Tardis is in-flight, the item will be gradually attuned to the Tardis. A blue progress bar will be shown indicating the progress.
    1. This process will be stopped if the item is taken out prematurely, or the Tardis stops flying.
    2. Additionally, a progress tooltip is shown if the mouse is placed near the Attunement slot.
  8. attunement-progress.png
  9. When an item has finished attuning, a tooltip similar to "Attuned to: [Timeship Name]" will be shown.
    1. The Timeship's name is shown
    2. If the Attunement recipe turns the item into something else, this tooltip may not be shown.