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Tardis Interior Dimension

The Tardis Interior Dimension is a custom dimension which a Tardis' console unit remains in. It acts as a mobile home for a player.


  • Biome type: Void. 
  • No living entities can spawn in the Tardis Dimension
  • Cloud renders at a lower height for user friendly reasons
  • Infinite Size
  • Has a day-night cycle 
  • Allows Beds to set spawn points
  • Allows Respawn Anchors to set spawn points
  • Piglin Friendly - they won't turn into Zombie Piglins

Interior Hum and Ambience

The Tardis will play an ambient hum sound throughout the dimension when configured through the Tardis Monitor's Interior Hum protocol.


Each Tardis gets their own dimension

Each Tardis gets their own dimension assigned to them. This allows for an infinite building size and freedom. This also means that a player can own multiple Tardises.