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Tardis Interior Door


The Tardis Interior Door is an entity that allows for teleportation between the Tardis Exterior and Interior dimension.

Crafting Recipe

Name Ingredients Recipe
Interior Door





Use anywhere in the Tardis

  • You can place the interior door anywhere inside the Tardis dimension and it will be able to teleport to the exterior
  • You can also have multiple interior door entities in the Tardis dimension
  • When teleporting from exterior to interior, you will be teleported to the interior door closest to the Tardis Console

Removing Interior Doors

  1. The door has a health of 5 heart and will drop its item when the health reaches 0.
  2. Punch or shoot a projectile at the Interior door to reduce its health.


Seamless Teleportation Transition

The Interior door preserves the rotation angle of the entity being teleported. The below video, starting from 0:17 timestamp showcases this transition

Teleportation of different entity types

The Interior door supports the teleportation of multiple entities, including:

  1. Tameable entities, such as tamed wolves or cats
  2. Hostile Entities - Zombies, Skeletons, etc
  3. Modded entities - from other mods

However, some specific entities have been blacklisted from this list to prevent exploits:

  1. Ender Dragon

Dynamic Model Changes

When the exterior of the Tardis is changed, the model of the Interior Door will also change to match the Exterior,