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Reclamation Unit


The Reclamation Unit is a storage container that allows players to retrieve items stored in various containers before they changed their Tardis interior


The Reclamation Unit cannot be obtained through crafting.

It will only appear 1 block north of the Tardis Console Block if the following conditions are met:

  1. Player has changed Tardis Interior
  2. Previous Tardis Interior had containers that had stored items insides


Item Saving

The Reclamation Unit can save items that are stored in the following types of containers:

  1. All Vanilla Minecraft Containers Blocks (Chests, Shulker Boxes, Barrels etc.)
  2. Armor stands
  3. Item frames

Additionally it can also save the following items derived from their entity

  1. Leash

Waypoint Saving

  1. A possible issue that can occur with Waypoint Banks is that the player will lose their waypoints once they change an interior that previously contained Waypoint Banks.
  2. The Reclamation Unit will store the Tardis' old waypoints into Data Crystal Items, which can used to restore waypoints.