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Pocket Watch


The Pocket Watch is a device that allows a player to view the outside world's time when inside the Tardis interior.

Crafting Recipe

Name Ingredients Recipe
Pocket Watch
  • 1 x Clock
  • 1 x Exotronic Circuit
  • 1 x Xion Crystal

Quantiscope Crafting




  • Viewing Exterior World Time
  • Locating Crashed Timeships


Viewing Exterior World Time

  1. Enter a Tardis' interior dimension.
  2. Hold the pocket watch in the main hand and watch as the clock hands change as the world's time progresses.

Locating Crashed Timeships

  1. Hold the Pocket Watch in either hand.
  2. Move around the world and observe the Pocket Watch's clock hands, and listen to its ticking sound.
  3. The Pocket watch acts like a crude compass by rapidly swinging its clock hands and ticking furiously when a Crashed Timeship is within a 25 block radius of the player