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Artefact Map


The Artifact Map is a scroll that holds a Treasure Map that leads to rumoured space-time anomalies.



Currently the Artefact Map is available as one of the high tier trade offers by Storyteller Villagers.

This trade offer is only available if one of the structures the Artefact Map leads to, has generated nearby.


The Artefact Map can lead to either an Abandoned Timeship or a Crashed Structure

Each map item has a one time use.


  1. Right click with the item in hand.
  2. If a Abandoned Timeship or Crashed Structure has been generated in nearby loaded chunks, a Treasure Map will be given to the player.
    1. If there are no valid Abandoned Timeships or Crashed Structures nearby, the Treasure Map will not be spawned.
  3. The Artefact Map will then be used up.
  4. Travel to the red "X" spot on the map.
  5. treasure.png


Figure 1 - An Abandoned Timeship that the map can lead to. Figure 2 - One of the possible Crashed Structures that the map can lead to. Most of them are buried deep in the earth.