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The New TARDIS Mod is a Minecraft Forge Mod that aims to add a functional TARDIS to Minecraft, among other features.
The mod was founded by Spectre0987 and is currently developed by the Tardis Team.

As of 6th October 2019, the 1.12.2 versions of the mod are in the alpha development stage, while the 1.14.4 versions are in the pre-alpha development stage.

This mod was inspired by the original Tardis Mod by ShaneDarkholme but has no relation with the original mod. 

Further information:

Downloads and Installation

The mod is available for Minecraft 1.12.2 and Minecraft 1.14.4. The mod requires the installation of the latest Minecraft Forge. Please see the below links for more information.

I have a suggestion/issue?


As of 6th September 2019, the development team is not accepting any bug reports for the 1.14.4 versions of the mod because it is in an unstable state and the development team are aware of many current issues.

Users will be able to report issues when the 1.14.4 versions of the mod are more stable. This will be announced in the Tardis Mod Discord server.

If you would like to report an issue regarding the 1.12.2 versions of the mod, please join the Tardis Mod Discord.

Create an issue on the mod's Github Issue Tracker! This is the fastest method as it is easily seen and managed by the developers.

When reporting an issue, please be sure to provide specific details such as:

Mod Version (E.g. 0.0.2 Pre-Alpha):
Minecraft Version (E.g. 1.14.4) :
Location (E.g. Singleplayer/Multiplayer):
List of installed mods:
What you were doing when the issue occurred:
Relevant screenshots:
Relevant Crash report and/or the appropriate log files:

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Join the Tardis Mod Discord! See below for more information!

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