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Changelog: 0.0.9A - 0.0.9B - Stabilisation and Quality of Life Updates

0.0.9B - February 22 2019


  • Monitor protocol: Regenerate Console Room
    • Replaced by using Change Interior protocol to reload your selected console room


  • Gallifrey Grass, Dirt, Stone
  • New Creative mode tab
  • Brachaki Secondary Interior Door
  • Sonic Workbench Crafting Recipe (was added previously, but not registered)
  • Thermocouplings Crafting Recipe
  • Thermocouplings microwelding station repair recipe - iron ingot


  • Dalek flight behaviour
  • TARDIS Coral acts more like a Sapling. Players can walk through it and the hitbox has been altered to fit the size of model - no longer a full block
  • Permission is now required for command /tardis grow
    • Tardis.command.grow
  • Toyota Lights now required to be powered by redstone to light up

Bug fixes/Enhancement

  • Logging into a server when in front of an open Tardis door kicks the player
  • BOTI improvements
    • Not rendering Player’s hand when in first person
    • Fixed chat spam when restoring all sub systems with command /tardis restoresys
  • Desync issue when removing dimensional dams
  • Blocks no longer drop themselves when broken in creative mode.
  • Blocks not making the right noises. (Coral sounding like stone, now sounds like a plant)
  • You will no longer suffocate next to a Zero Room Slab.
  • Telos Sand now sounds like Sand.
  • Stattenheim remote plays a noise on successful summoning (No more guessing if it worked)
  • Game crash when opening the doors of a newly created Tardis
  • Glitched texture UV for Tardis coral state 1 and 4 (named tardis_coral0 and 3 in files)
  • Protocol: Interior change fixes
    • Added a check to allow interior changing if not in flight
  • Fixed crash when interacting with Toyota Spinnymajig block
  • Lang file updates
    • Fixed “Sonics workbench” to “Sonic Workbench”
    • Grammar, spelling, duped entries


0.0.9A - February 9th 2019


  • Major stabilization of mod features - bug fixes


  • Command /tardis summon
    • Replaced by using ./tardis restoresys on a tardis, then ./tardis interior [username] to sync a remote to the target tardis,
  • Monitor protocol: Double Lock doors
  • Artron Capacitor abilities - Rift Detection, refuelling Tardis Artron banks, no longer able to be repaired with Microwelding station
    • Sonic Shades (uncraftable) are still able to detect rift chunks
  • Finger Snap
    • Opens Tardis doors within a 30 block radius
    • Moved to Handles Mod


  • Toggleable and Customizable Tardis Hum sounds via toggling Tardis Hum protocol
    • Copper Hum
    • Coral Hum
    • 1963 Hartnell Hum
    • 1980’s Hum
    • 1970’s Hum
    • Toyota Hum
  • New sonics
    • 2nd Doctor
    • 3rd Doctor
    • 4th Doctor
    • 5th Doctor
    • 7th Doctor
    • War Doctor
    • 9th/10th Doctor
    • Sonic Lance
    • Sonic Lipstick
    • Sonic Trowel
    • Sonic Pen
  • Sonic Workbench
  • Confirmation message when removing subsystems
  • Sub-system: Thermal Coupling.
  • (Addons) Code event to help addon makers
    • Able to be cancelled
    • TardisCrashEvent
    • TardisTakeOffEvent
    • TardisLandEvent
    • TardisSubsystemBrokeEvent
  • Warning message on startup of mod for Optifine users :)
  • New sounds
  • Brachaki Table (Mel needs to fix the displays...)
  • Tardis Monitor protocol: Interior changing system
  • New Tardis interior


  • Tardis Monitor GUI
  • Tardises now spawn with all sub-systems. Each sub-system has a random durability value
  • TARDIS now land more precisely
  • Command /tardis restoresys improved
    • /tardis restoresys <subsystem1> <subsystem2> … (type the sub systems you want to repair)
    • /tardis restorsys <online player username> <subsystem1> <subsystem2> …
    • E.g.
    • /tardis restoresys flight dimensional antenna …
    • NOTE: command does not restore an offline player’s Tardis sub systems when on multiplayer server.
  • Command /tardis interior improved
    • New optional parameter: /tardis interior [Username]
    • Only with a specific permission
  • Command /tardis remove improved
    • Now removes the console unit
  • Tardis growing process now has different coral model for different growth stages.
  • Sonic Shades model
  • Sonic Pen model

Bug Fixes/Enhancement

  • BOTI improvement
  • BOTI now syncs with different interior door rotations and positions (North, South, East, West)
  • Various bug fixes
  • Dalek raygun improvement
  • Aiming is improved
  • Lasers shoot out of the gun again
  • Offline support for few commands
  • /tardis remove
  • /tardis interior
  • Offline support mean you can autocomplete the player username when it’s offline, that use the usernamecache.json on server.
    • E.g. autocomplete command parameters
  • Tardis entry and exit points now sync with interior door position changes
  • Tardis exterior to interior teleportation only occurs when player steps into the door and not the block in front of it.
  • Entity teleportation between Tardis exterior and interior
  • Fixed Cinnabar Ore not dropping Cinnabar dust
  • Fixed bug where interior door state does not sync with exterior door state. (E.g. If closed from inside, does not close on the outside)
  • Breaking Tardis monitor in survival mode drops 2 monitors instead of 1.
  • Cinnabar dust does not drop from Cinnabar ore when mined by a non-silk touch pickaxe
  • Cinnabar ore obtained via Silk Touch enchanted pickaxe does not smelt in furnace
  • When removing Dimensional Dams from Sub-System, the Tardis kicks the player from the interior without giving back the Time Vector Generator